Four Benefits Offered by Microsoft s Azure Cloud

Four Benefits Offered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

With an average of 1000 customers signing up to the platform each day, it’s safe to say that Microsoft’s Azure Cloud has succeeded in helping business improve their productivity and efficiency. The benefits offered by cloud-based solutions are well documented – not only does it permit employees to work remotely but it also enables businesses to operate with up-to-date systems and thereby reduce the chances of downtime. Of the all the cloud-based solutions that are currently available, Microsoft’s Azure has craved a place for itself as an industry leader. Here, we list four reasons why businesses should choose to work with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

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Enhanced Security

Microsoft is a name you can trust to deliver some of the most advanced technology solutions currently available in the market. With Microsoft, businesses can rest assured knowing that their data will be safely protected within their cloud network. The security features of Microsoft’s Azure are enhanced by features such as threat intelligence, threat analytics, and multi-level authentication, among others. These features are designed help you analyze threats in real time and thereby ensure the highest levels of security.

Guarantees Privacy

With Azure, businesses will have complete control over the collection, use, and distribution of consumer data. Microsoft offer clear guidelines to all its users on how the information provided to them will used, where it is stored, and who has access to the said data. Additionally, the platform also guarantees that information shared with them shall not be provided to any external agency or government organization, unless they are required to do so by law. In fact, till date only a minor fraction of customer data has been provided to government agencies, in line with national security interests.

Guarantees Privacy

It’s Scalable

Unlike other cloud service providers in the industry, Azure provides its users with high availability and redundancy due to its vast global footprint. Azure has data centers strategically placed across the globe and can guarantee up to 99% uptime to its customers. Additionally, like any other cloud-based service, the features and provisions offered by Azure can also be scaled up or down to meet individual business requirements.


If you are planning to switch Microsoft Azure, you do not need to hesitate if you are worried about the budget. The platform currently offers pay-as-you go plans which will enable businesses to have better control over their IT financials as they only buy what they need. Additionally, by making use of Azure and taking advantage of PaaS and SaaS applications, businesses can significantly cut down on the budget otherwise required for infrastructure, maintenance, and management of your IT environment.