Advantages of Compact Car Rentals

When it comes to selecting a car to rent and drive, bigger may not always be better. While there are few who genuinely need a large-sized vehicle, it certainly isn’t ideal for everyone. Certain times a compact vehicle such as the KIA Picanto 2020 may be the rental car for your everyday commute. They are not only affordable, but also offer fuel efficiency, comfort, space and quality. Whether you are a budget traveler or a resident who seeks to commute to work daily, this is undoubtedly the most suitable solution for your travel needs. Below we discuss the various benefits associated with a compact car rental, especially in Dubai.

Easy to Maneuver

Small cars are far more maneuverable than large and sturdy SUVs and 4x4s. It is a huge benefit in a city like Dubai, where roads are often heavily congested. Apart from maneuvering through the traffic, parking in tight spots is also made easy with a compact vehicle.

Very Fuel Efficient

Typically, small cars are more fuel-efficient than big ones. This means less emissions that will pollute our incredibly fragile climate. Small cars consist of less parts, which means less fuel required to produce them than larger ones. This would take up less space in a landfill until a small car is no longer drivable.

Compact Cars Are Affordable

They Are Affordable

Unless you are going for a sports car, small cars often tend to be more affordable than large-sized vehicles. Since lesser materials go into producing them, they are made available at extremely low rates. They are in fact perfect for those who seek comfort, quality and affordability. In addition, their key feature of being fuel efficient, ensures you save up on significant amounts when it comes to refueling.

Easy to Maintain

Since their engines are relatively smaller, the process of maintaining them is much easier. Unlike a V6 or V8, these four-cylinder engines don’t have to undergo regular belt changes, which tends to be quite a task. In fact, they are often driven by a chain, thereby saving you thousands when reaching the mileage.

Compact Cars Technology


This may sound like an unbelievable benefit, but it is very true, especially in recent times. Sure, previously it was only SUVs and luxury cars that would come equipped with modern features. But now compact cars too have stepped up their game by including several high-tech features which would otherwise only be found in high-end cars.

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