The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Air Compressor

If you are an experienced construction project manager, then you should be aware about the importance of using an air compressor at the project site. It is one of the major machineries used in most of the construction projects, due to its pertinent functional features. It is always recommended to buy the machinery from top-notch air compressor suppliers in UAE. This assures you about superior quality service of the machine. Following some guidelines is a wise thing to do when you plan to spend money on the purchase. The following points effectively guide you in this regard.


It is important to pertinently know about horsepower of the air compressor, before you decide to spend money. You must enquire about the exact rating of the horsepower of the compressor. The marketing executives of a reputed company would give you correct details. If you want to meet objectives of an industrial project at a small scale, then you might require a compressor with 5 HP. But, at the same level of HP, an air compressor to fulfill hobbyist needs would be smaller in size, and less costly.

Air Pressure

Another crucial parameter that you must keep in mind is the air pressure capacity of the machine. Usually, you would need a standard machine with 90 PSI to properly operate. But, if the scale of the construction project is huge, then it would be wiser to select an air compressor with a capacity that indicates a PSI ranging from 125 to 135.

Compressor’s Tank Size

Again, this is a huge factor to be accounted for, as per the scale of the construction project that you are handling. You need a compressor that would provide you unperturbed service. If the scale of the project is big, a compressor with a considerably big tank size should be chosen. But, if you simply need the compressor to run a smaller machine, then a small tank size is more than enough to nicely manage your tasks.

Single Stage or 2-Stage?

You might get a dilemma in buying a single stage air compressor or a 2-stage version. In the single-stage compressor, air is directly and thoroughly pumped into the tank. In case of the 2-stage version of the compressor, the air firstly is pumped from one cylinder to another cylinder, and then to the tank. Arguably, the efficiency of the 2-stage air compressor is better.

Life Expectancy

It is wise to check out the warranty of the air compressor when you buy it from a dealer.

Buy the Best Air Compressor

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