Sushi Dubai

The Most Common Varieties of Sushi Explained

Do you love sushi? Are you willing to know its various varieties? If yes, then this article is for you. In UAE and especially in Dubai, the love for sushi is growing in huge proportions. People of all ages really adore having sushi just at any hour of the day. The popularity of Japanese restaurants is growing at an accelerated rate. It is important to know the different categories or types of sushi Dubai. The knowledge helps you to pertinently choose the sushi item. There are some common varieties that are regularly served by the high-end restaurants in Dubai. Carry on reading to know some exciting things about them.


Nigiri is an interesting form of sushi. The chef presses raw fish exactly on top of the rice. There are some exclusive forms of this sushi that have excellent quality seared fish. This is for those among you who can’t really have raw fish. Seaweed is used to aesthetically wrap some special kinds of Nigiri. Also, there are restaurants that use a tiny bit of crab meat to add more unique dimensions to this item immensely loved by every sushi enthusiast across Dubai.


As it is well-known fact that sushi is a broader term and it comprises various sub-categories. Sashimi is one such sub-category. It is actually sliced fish treated in different kinds of traditional spices. Daikon radish is used to make a bed on which sashimi is served. Ordering sashimi means you can easily expect a wide range of sliced fishes well-prepared in various ingredients coming your way. Sashimi acts like a wonderful appetizer. You would be really impressed by the aesthetic standard based on which it is served.


The popularity of maki is increasing, too. It is basically a rolled form of sushi. Various types of ingredients are rolled nicely to make maki sushi. There are a total of 6 fragments or pieces in a roll. It is practically a sushi that will convincingly fill your stomach if you order 3 maki sushi.


Uramaki is fundamentally derived from maki, and it is considered to be a sushi in western style. The rice in the sushi is put in a way that it is on the outside of the sushi.


One of the unique features of Temaki is it is completely rolled by hand. It is originally cone-shaped. The size of a Temaki is larger than a usual sushi roll.

Tempura roll

When the maki or Uramaki rolls are deep fried, you get the Tempura roll sushi.

Choose any variety

Choose whatever you like the best and enjoy your sushi-eating session.