Oilfield Equipment Suppliers in Iraq

The Five Most Important Types of Oilfield Equipment

If you are an industrialist dealing with oil field-related activities, then you should be aware of the wide range of tools and equipment required at different manufacturing units and plants. You need different types of oilfield equipment in order to carry out various operations efficiently.

It is essential to procure the machines and tools from top-rated oilfield equipment suppliers in Iraq – the decision helps you improve the overall efficiency of the manufacturing unit.

There are several types of machines and equipment, but some of them bear special significance in the production process. Read along to know about that equipment.

Shale Shakers

The main function of shale shakers is to separate out the large solid materials from the drilling fluid. The machine has features that let the materials move away from the fluid in a proper manner. You can easily sift them in a planned way. The drilling fluid can be technically and strategically used more than a single time for similar productive purposes of the unit. In this way, you can significantly reduce the overall level of drilling costs. You would have a better control on the flow and volume of drilling fluids when you use shale shakers.


After you have separated out the drilling fluids from large materials, you need to look for trapped gas and similar gaseous contaminants in the drilling fluid. This bears a risk of explosion at the production unit. How are you going to get rid of such harmful gases? The solution is – using degassers. The degassers suck out the trapped gases from the drilling fluid. In this way, you can establish more safety for the workers in the unit. The pressure is engineered and modulated accordingly in order to remove the trapped gas from the drilling fluid.

Mud Cleaners

You can use mud cleaners for the exact function the name suggests – for cleaning mud from the drilling machines. You would be able to weed out the mud from various machine parts and make the system more efficient. You would be able to speed up the functional processes in this manner.

Sand Pumps

Sand pumps are extremely effective instruments which help you in efficiently removing the stubborn sand deposits from the expanse of the drilling site of your manufacturing or production unit. The particles are transported elsewhere through a delicate pipe system.

Stabbing Guides

These are crucial machines or instruments that help in aligning the pipes in the system, thus improving the overall efficiency of the process.

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