Total Body Exercise Ball Workout

Exercising or stability balls are probably the most underrated gym equipment. Most of us often use medicinal balls to provide support to our bodies while doing forward bending exercises. However, an exercise ball is used to help improve balance as it forces the body to respond to the instability of the ball which engages all core muscles. A personal coach Dubai incorporate exercise ball in physical training sessions so that your muscles can become stronger and improve balance and posture. Here are
five basic exercises using a fitness ball.

Total Body Exercise Ball Workout

Wall Sit-Ups

General sit-ups help in strengthening hip, femoris, and core muscles. But if your ass stability ball to your sit-up routine, you can increase the benefits ten times. Start by leaning against the wall with medical ball placed between you and the wall. Now bend the knees and stay in the position for a few seconds and return to a standing position. For better results perform at least 15 repetitions.


Lunges helps in strengthening both core and legs muscles. If you are doing lunges using an exercise ball, you should always begin without any weight, only when you are comfortable, add dumbbells to increase the difficulty. Begin by keeping your one foot on the ball and lunge forward. As you start, bend your hips, stay in that position for a few seconds before you return to the original position. Switch the legs and perform at least 3 sets of 15 reps on each leg.

Chest or Bench Press

This exercise helps strengthen the chest and core muscles. Begin by laying on an exercise ball with dumbbells in your hands. Hold the dumbbells near your chest and lift the weights toward the ceiling. Do at least three sets of 12.

Shoulder Press

This exercise helps in strengthening the core and shoulders muscles. Start by sitting on an exercise ball with a pair of dumbbells and pull the shoulders back. Raise the dumbbells and stretch your arms all the way up. Now slowly return the dumbbells to your shoulders. Perform at least three sets of 15
repetitions each.

Body Exercise Ball Workout

Hamstring Curl

This exercise helps in strengthening your butt, leg and core muscles. Begin with laying on your back and raising your hips. Place an exercise ball beneath your feet and push it back and forth by stretching your legs. Return to original position and perform at least three sets of 15 repetitions each. Click here for more.