Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Diploma Program

Preston University-Ajman is pleased to offer ACCA qualification (the Association of Chartered Certified Accounts). Every eight minutes, somewhere in the world, someone registers as an ACCA student. ACCA students and members are individuals in every sense. They are not bound by business-sector or country-border constraints. ACCA is not just growing in size. Its reach and influence extend further and further across the globe.

ACCA has been in existence for over 100 years and has built a reputation for excellence in qualification and training recognized around the world, especially by the employers of accountants.

The ACCA program provides access to an unmatched global network of offices, learning providers, examination centres, and employers. For$example, ACCA has students and members in 170 countries, offices and centres in nearly 80 countries, along with numerous partners worldwide.

The flexibility of the ACCA qualification does not limit program graduates to one particular sector. ACCA members have the opportunity to work in any sector they choose, including public or private sector financial services, giving them access to a broad range of interesting roles.

The ACCA qualification, with its broad-ranging and flexible skills set, helps program graduates make their mark in a wide range of roles from back to front office.  ACCA members now benefit from a partnership with the Securities and Investment Institute which provides access to additional qualifications and learning resources to help members specialize in this sector. Approximately 30% of ACCA members work in public practice with well-known international accounting organizations including Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC etc.

To qualify as an ACCA member, students complete:

    * 14 exams , nine of which are eligible for exemptions
    * Relevant practical experience with a minimum of three years
    * A Professional Ethics module

The ACCA Qualification embeds the global accounting education standards set by the International Federation of Accountants. There is strong focus on professional values, ethics, and governance. These skills are essential as the profession moves toward strengthened codes of conduct, regulation, and legislation with an increased focus on professionalism and ethics in accounting. These are examined at the highest level in the ACCA qualification and are a core element of the practical experience requirements.

ACCA Calendar
New Batches for ACCA start from January and July each year, for further information contact ACCA Department Preston University.

Entry Requirement and Fees:
We offer various entry points to the ACCA Qualification, depending on age and previous academic qualifications. Contact the ACCA Qualification Department at Preston University-Ajman for more details.

Fee Details
One time registration is AED 500


Fundamentals Level

 • F1 Accountant in Business AB - 1500 AED
 • F2 Management Accounting MA - 1500 AED
 • F3 Financial Accounting FA - 1500 AED

Skills Module

 • DF4 Corporate and Business Law CL - 1750 AED
 • F5 Performance Management PM - 1750 AED
 • F6 Taxation TX - 1750 AED
 • F7 Financial Reporting FR - 1750 AED
 • F8 Audit and Assurance AA - 1750 AED
 • F9 Financial Management FM - 1750 AED

Professional Level

 • Essentials
   • P1 Professional Accountant PA - 2250 AED
   • P2 Corporate Reporting CR - 2250 AED
   • P3 Business Analysis BA - 2250 AED
 • Options (2 out of 4)
   • P4 Advanced Financial Management AFM - 2250 AED
   • P5 Advanced Performance Management APM - 2250 AED
   • P6 Advanced Taxation ATX - 2250 AED
   • P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance AAA - 2250 AED

Total Fee and Registration - 26750 AED


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